Tirana – Korce – Prespe e madhe - Dardhe – Korce

PROGRAM 2: Tirana-Korce-Prespe e Madhe-Prespe e Vogel-Dardhe-Korce and back to Tirana.

Day 1: Departure from Tirana to Korca at 14:00. Afternoon arrival in Korca. Korca is situated at the foot of Morava Mountains. Dinner at Korca at Sidheri Restaurant, where you can enjoy the Albanian dishes as well as a typical place with nice sofas, a cute fireplace as well as local songs (serenata). Overnight.

Day 2: Morning departure from Korca to Prespa e Madhe (1 hour drive). It is bordered by Albania, Macedonia and Greece. Optional visit by boat to the Island of Maligrad, which offers a picturesque nature site and for the old church. To get to Prespa e Vogel, the road goes through Liqenas (small village), climbs the Mountain of Ivan and from the top of it you can enjoy the beautiful view of Prespa e Vogel (1.5 hour drive from Prespa e Madhe) which is very famous for its floating flowers. Five km from Prespa e Vogel there is the Cave of Treni. 1-2 hours time to explore it. Lunch with grilled fish in the small village of Treni, where the cave is located. Afternoon departure to Korca. Optional overnight Dardha/Korca.

Day 3:
Departure from Dardha to Korca (1 hour drive ) and then to Pogradec. In Pogradec, the environment offers beautiful scenery; the lofty mountains of Kamja and Guri I Topit stand over the city like a crown. Lunch in a nice restaurant on the side road of the lake, where you can try the delicious fish, called Koran, which is very typical for Pogradec lake. Afternoon departure to Tirana.  

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