Tirana –Dhermi – Llogara –Dhrale

PROGRAM 5: Tirana-Dhermi-Llogara-Dhrale and back to Tirana

Day 1: Afternoon departure from Tirana to Dhermi via the coast. It is a village of the XIV century, built on a series of hills with olive and citrus trees. Naturally, during the summer, the beach activity is the center of life for the village. Afternoon walks along the village streets and enjoying the landscape are activities that should not be neglected. Of great interest is the Monastery on a rock about 5km from the village. Overnight.

Day 2: After breakfast, at 10 o’clock, half an hour transfer to the take off place in the top of the mountain. With the appropriate wind conditions, getting ready for the take-off. The whole paragliding process lasts for about 2 hours. Landing in the desert “First beach” in Dhrale. Professional staff organizes on the beach elementary training instructions on paragliding. Lunch in Dhrale. Getting back to Dhermi. Overnight.

Day 3: Morning departure  to the Park of Llogara, which has a total surface of 1010ha, with the highest peak being 1027m above the sea level. This park is one of the prettiest places of the Albanian Riviera. The fresh and healthy air, the small of the pines and furs create an environment where visitors spend moments of unforgettable pleasure. Lunch. Return to Tirana in the afternoon.

Last Updated ( Monday, 27 March 2006 )