Tirana: General Info

Tirana is the capital of Albania and enjoys a beautiful setting between the ranges of Dajti mountain from one side and the coastal plains on the other one.
Tirana is 110 m above sea level. The average annual temperatures are in July 24°C and in January 7°C. Annual rainfalls are 1200 mm per year. Tirana’s city superficies is 31 km 2. Tirana is on the same parallel as Naples, Madrid and Istanbul and on the same meridian as Budapest and Krakow.

Tirana City apartments, buildings

According to the information from the Office of Civil Registry in the Municipality of Tirana the number of inhabitants up to December 2004 is around 556,445 inhabitants from whom 49.8% are males while 50.2% are females.
Compared with 2003 we notice a 7% increase of population, as well as 9% decrease of the number of births, 18% decrease in the number of deaths, and 8 % decrease of the number of marriages.

Still rapidly growing Tirana is a busy commercial and administrative center with several comfortable hotels, restaurants, discos, pubs as well as modern facilities for conventions and conferences.

Tirana by night, dancing water at rinia park

Source: Some data are taken from Officiale website of Tirana Municipality
Last Updated ( Thursday, 22 September 2005 )