Shkodra: What to visit
When you are in Shkodra don’t miss to visit:

Serresh and Gijadol, the most attractive quarters with such peculiarities are

The medieval castle of Rozafa, located in the western part of the city, between Drini and Buna Rivers.

Shkodra, Velipoja beach albania The history of the castle starts since the Illyrian times. A very interesting legend explains its history. The main theme of the legend has to do with keeping of promise. Rozafa the bride of the youngest of three brothers was walled up in order that the walls of the castle do not fall down by the night. The water passing through the stones at the main entrance are connected in the folk fantasy with the water going out from the bossom of Rozafa, which she left out during the time she was walled up in order to feed her little baby.

Another interesting historical site are the ruins of medieval town of Sarda, situated only 15 km far away from Shkodra. To go there you must take a motor-boat which sails from the dam of Vau i Dejes artificial lake to the island where Sarda is located (10 miles). This boat operates for tourists during the summer times, twice per week. Sarda was a mediaval town with a surface of 5 ha built on the top of the hill surrounded by the waters of Drini river (now artificial lake). It was the residential place of the famous Dukagjini Feudal Family. There was a great prince palace of this family.

Shkodra rozafa castel Sarda was encompassed by walls. Today remains contains the old gate of the " prince palace" and the church of "Our Lady" which is a romanesce style. The nature of the district is so mix and various in landscape. In the north of the city raises the magnificent Albanian Alps with high peaks. The beautiful mountain spots such as Thethi, Boga, Razma and Vermoshi are waiting the visitors to experience the pure nature in the midst of different forests, several carstic caves, to enjoy skiing in winter and hiking  in summer. From the other side in the south-western part of the city there is Velipoja beach on Adriatic coast, which is remarkable for the good quality of sand. Nearby is the small island of Franc Joseph and the lagoon of Viluni. Those are excellent places for eco-tourism. Quite near the city is Shkodra Lake, the .biggest in Balkan Peninsula. There are beaches of Shiroka and Zogaj which are suitable places for the day visitors from the city. Your visit in Albania will be not fulfilled if you have not visited Shkodra, the place where the nature and history are so much interlaced.

Last Updated ( Friday, 15 April 2005 )