Pogradeci: General Info
Pogradeci, Ohrid Lake, AlbaniaPogradeci lies on the South Eastern part Albania, lakeshore of Ohrid Lake. It is relatively new town, but with an ancient historical background. The archaeological excavations carried out in the hill rising Northwest above the town figured out the existence of an Illyrian settlement of the 5th century B.G., belonging to the region of Desaret and perhaps Enkelana, which during the following century descended down and settled itself on the foot of the hill and on the shores of the lake.

Situated 720 m above sea level and surrounded by mountain ranges and Ohrid Lake, the town represents a basin of special and pleasant climate. In addition to the climate, the lake Ohrid the deepest in Balkan, makes the town more attractive and one of the most preferred tourist resorts, providing good opportunities for bathing, swimming, fishing and water sports.
Rich are the rare species of the water fauna in this lake. Worth mentioning is the fish KORAN, hardly to found in other lakes of the world over. It is famous for its delicious meat, which winter period is red and during the summer is white.

Source: The Albanian Institute of Tourism & Environmental Developments

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