Pogradeci: What to visit
Recommended places to visit

The Illyrian settlement of the 5th century B.G., belonging to the region of Desaret and perhaps Enkelana, in the hill rising Northwest above the town.

Christian Basilica, Pogradec Albania The Tourist Resort of Driloni, 5 km away from the town, which beauty and natural surroundings will leave you breathless. There the decorative trees and plants are full in harmony with water springs, characteristic bridges and three bars and restaurants offering typical local dishes.

During your stay have a look at the Exhibition Hall of Fine Arts at the palace of the Culture.

Recommend is also a visit to the ruins of an Illyrian settlement and a christian basilica of the 5* century with colourful mosaics in Lini Village as well as four monumental graves of the 3rd century B.C. engraved on a rock in the village of Selca e Poshteme , which is thought to be Pelion , the living place of Illyrian King Klit.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 17 April 2005 )