Korca: What to visit
Be here for  the biggest carnivals in Albania, which are organized before the Easterns. Carnivals are organized also in the village of Polena for each year at 6 of January.

Also you can visit The Museum of Medieval Arts, The Museum of Education, where the first Albanian School was opened and the house of the Albanian painter Vangjush Mio.

Prespa lake, korca Albania You can enjoy the beautifull nature of Korca district:
First the mountain spots of Dardha, Voskopoja , Vithkuqi, Boboshtica and the National Park of Bozdoveci.
Don't forget to visit Voskopoja, with its monasteries and churches. During the 18th century Voskopoja was the biggest urban center, with an "Academy" and with strong links with other european centres such as Vien, Laipcig and Budapest.

In the northern part of the district you will be satisfeid by Prespa lake. Its clean water with rocky and pebble beaches offers opportunities for sun bathing to the tourists. In a small island of Maligrad there is an interesting eremite church.

Last Updated ( Monday, 18 April 2005 )