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Advantages of "UNITED ALBANIA" in advertising & Promotion through Internet

A. Hosting Information
B. Promotional Services (Web Marketing)
C. Web Design
D. Statistics  
E. Interactivity - Advertising Matter Renewal - Tools Application Useful to the User
F. Communication Managment


As an Internet Presence Provider "United Albania" promotes its clients' sites through its server installed in the U.S.A.  As a result our company offers :
- DS3 connectivity.
- Communication security.
- Web applications such as data-bases, e-commerce, search engines, flash, java, etc.)


Our company offers a wide range of promotional services :
1. Promotion through the United Albania (www.united-albania.com) web site.
3. Banner and text link campaign through United Albania (www.united-albania.com)
4. Virtual domain name.
5. Vanity domain name.
7. Registration in 400 Search engines around the world including the most popular search-engines (Altavista, Google, MSN, Lycos, Hot-Bot Excite etc.)


The web design suggested to our clients represent our company's general philosophy which takes into consideration the following factors: 

  1. Internet's technical specifications and perplexity. 
  1. It is important for a web site to be designed in a way that:
  • It supports most browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Web-TV, etc.).
    Web pages download fast.
  • It ensures inteligent navigation so that users can easily find the information they want.
  • It has the same aesthetic result no matter what the PC's screen analysis might be.
  1. Proper META TAG code so the user can easily find any information relevant to the company promoted.
  2. Web applications "e-commerce", "Flash", "Java" etc.
  3. Telecommunication infrastructure, which varies with the geographic position of the target group. 
  1. User's different requirements which vary with the country or region they come from.
  2. Maturity of certain markets as well as user's interest for promoted goods and services.
  3. Client's budget and growth rate.


Companies with internet presence would like to know who "visits" their web site, when, where, how did they find the web site, what exactly were they looking for and finally what they found. 

"United Albania" is able to offer elaborate web log analysis, which is very useful to our clients, as it gives them the opportunity to be informed about their advertising target special needs and make the necessary adjustments in order to become more competitive.


Advertising via Internet needs a strategy adapted to every client's different needs, as well as user's special characteristics. Therefore, we should conform to the following rules:

  • A client's web site should give its visitors the opportunity to "find" what they are seeking for in a direct and quick way. This objective can be achieved through practical navigation and specially designed data bases and search programs.
  • A client's web site should be designed in a way that gives the user the chance to purchase goods and services saving time and money. Such e-commerce applications need solid planning so that we have the best possible outcome.
  • The advertising matter needs to be frequently renewed so that the web pages are not boring but have always something new to show.

    "United Albania" is among a small number of Albanian companies that observes the rules mentioned above thanks to its highly skilled staff.


One matter that greatly troubles marketing executives, as well as the advertised company is that a very good advertising campaign may not have the expected results. One of the most common reasons is not replying on time to a received inquiry through email. In many cases, management responsible for message dispatch neglect to answer e-mail or, at worst, they do so at a later time. As a result, when they do reply, the answer is no longer of any use to the user.

Other reasons:
Internet users different needs are not taken into account. As a result the advertised goods/services may be too expensive or may not meet their needs or company's advertising marketing target has not matured enough to make the purchase.
Various external factors sometimes make transactions between the company and the interested user difficult. Such cases are difficulties in delicate or fragile products, transportation over long distances without insurance coverage, or certain laws which do not permit legal documents necessary for the transaction to be issued, etc.

"United Albania" anticipates these difficulties to a certain degree and gives its clients the necessary advice.

Needless to say that cooperation with the advertised company is very important, so that "United Albania" achieves the highest possible communication performance.