Korca: Voskopoja
Voskopoja village, situated only of 13 km in the west of Korca is known since the 14th century by the name Moskopoli. Voskopoja was an important centre that remains to this day as an abundant storehouse of well-known centre of art, where some of the most talented Albanian painters practised their profession. At the second half of the 18th century, Voskopoja was ruined and turned again into a village as it had been originally. The pillaging of the town, especially of its treasures, of the records and manuscripts of its churches continued even during the World War I and II.
Voskopoja, Korca, Albania
 wood carving voskopoja albaniaVoskopoja was a prosperous town. There were built 24 churches during the 16th-18th centuries, but now have remained only eight ones ("Shen Mihali" (1726), "Shen Athanasi" (1724). "Shen Ilias", "Shen Marias". The best Byzantine painting in this area is to be found at “Shen Kolli”.

The mural paintings were made by the painters Kostantin and Athanas (Zografi). Also the Monastery of Shen St. Prodhronit (1632) is of great interest, 20 km away from the other churches, burned down during the World War II, where some of the exquisite mural paintings are kept intact.

There are amazingof major artistic value that are created by the Albanian artist, Theodhor Sina Grundo, who was not only a sculptor, but also a fresco painter and engraver. Some of his works are also founded in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Austria and Sllovenia.

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