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Pop-under ads on United-Albania.com are nonuser-initiated window ads (300 width x 300 height) that appear behind of your content page (browser main window). When the visitor closes their main browser window, or calls focus to the new window, your web ad will appear. This is an excellent opportunity for travel-related offers exclusive to United-Albania.com.

Description Requirements
Display dimensions 300 width x 300 height
File size 30k maximum
Approved file formats GIF, JPG, Rich Media upon review*
Alt text 65 characters maximum, including spaces
Animation Allowed
Close window button A close button or link must be included in the creative
Submission deadline Five full business days before start date
*Click on rich media in the right menu (under Advetise) of this page to view technical specifications relating to using rich media with this type of ad.

Last Updated ( Friday, 28 October 2005 )
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