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Korca, the city of serenates and the most famous carnivals all over Albania, is situated in the southern part of Albania at the side of Morava Mountain, 896 m above sea level. Its area is located where an Illyrian settlement was. In this area are discovered several tombs, and it is thought this Illyrian settlement to be connected with the culture of Barci.
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There are some museums in the city such as: The Museum of Medieval Arts, The Museum of Education, where the first Albanian School was opened and the house of the Albanian painter Vangjush Mio.
The city is known for the characteristic songs called "serenatas", accompanyed by guitars and also for the biggest carnivals in Albania, which are organized before the Easterns. Carnivals are organized also in the village of Polena for each year at 6 of January.
The most typical meal in Korca is the pie of this region colled "lakror" ( made of onion and tomatous)

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