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  • Weekend Programs in Albania  ( 10 items )
    Albania offers a variety of attractive villages, historical sites, castles and natural beauties. There are many ways to be carried away in the magnificent Albanian landscape. Plenty of sports and relaxation activities will give you the best opportunity to do so. In this contests, we would like to introduce you our tour programs which are designed to meet your interests and demands in order to enjoy the most attractive sites of Albania.

  • Leisure Programs in ALbania  ( 4 items )
    The pleasant Mediterranean climate, sunny beaches, and beautiful nature characterizes the Albanian coast, which offers you the best opportunities to relax.

    Albanian’s coastline is one of its greatest attractions. It stretches over 450km where two distinct zones appear, the Adriatic and the Ionian.

    The Adriatic has shallow water and long sandy beaches, where as the Ionian coast, 150km long can only be described as fabulous; the beaches are smaller and rocky and the water is deep, right on the shore. Citrus and olive trees dominate the landscape, giving it a classical Mediterranean beauty ...

  • Cultural Tourism in Albania  ( 5 items )
    Various towns in Albania are exceptionally known for their cultural and historical heritage over the centuries, dating from the 6th century B.C when architecture, sculpture and painting flourished.
    Albania claims distinction for its rich folklore and ethnography. The culture and vitality of the Albanian people are reflected in the diversity of the folklore. During your journey in Albania, you will avail yourself with the opportunity to see not only the beautiful landscape and relics of early civilizations, but also the types of buildings of great interest from an architectural viewpoint, national costumes, which are distinguished for their designs, mastery, technique, colors and decorations. All this brings into evidence the diversified and rich material and spiritual culture inherited from generation to generation and embodied in handicraft articles and works adorned with motifs of national tradition.

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