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  1   albania-lezha-castel-east1.jpg
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> Lezha: Photo Album
AbermotTow(12.07.2020 19:28)
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  2   tirana-albania-guide1-2.jpg
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> Tirana: Photo Album
Guestominc(20.02.2018 14:46)
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  3   skanderbeg-mouseum-kruja-albania5.jpg
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> Kruja: Photo Album
Kolombo(14.08.2013 16:32)
Ti je kruja e skenderbeut ti je kruja lashtesis ti je historia e shqiptaris
  4   castel-kruja-albania-scanderbeg-museum5.jpg
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> Kruja: Photo Album
gimi(15.09.2012 08:21)
Nuk kam qen asniher por kam deshir ta shikoj keshtjellen e bukur mbrekolli Smile
  5   porto-palermo-beach-vlora.jpg
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> Vlora in Photos
Shqiptari(04.09.2012 09:50)
I had the luck to go with work and holidays, in many countries such as Dubai, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Italy etc but south Albania has the most amazing beaches in Europe. I feel lucky that i was born...
  6   saranda-south-albania1.jpg
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> Saranda in Photos
Hello(13.07.2012 01:48)
5 poinots
  7   durresi-albania-view5.jpg
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> Durresi in Photos
j(04.03.2012 22:04)
Very Happy
  8   vloara-beach-photos1.jpg
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> Vlora in Photos
alex(29.11.2011 07:50)
:vlora ime vlora e ghithe vlonjateve vlore e bukur vlore spektakolare
  9   durresi-albania-mujo-castel.jpg
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> Durresi in Photos
lewis(02.11.2011 15:00)
hello every one Very Happy
  10   vlora-photosDhermiu.jpg
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> Vlora in Photos
Mice(29.10.2011 07:16)
I leed sometido helo Hello Cool
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