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PROGRAM 1: Tirana-Elbasan-Gramsh-Maliq-Selce-Korce-Pogradec and back to Tirana.

Day 1: Departure from Tirana at 14:00. Talking the southeastern route from Tirana, transfer to Pogradec via Elbasan. The road to Elbasan goes through the mountains of Krraba and is very picturesque; it goes around and around from hill and from mountain to mountain, revealing to the tourists a beautiful landscape along the Valley of Erzen River. Overnight in Elbasan.

Day 2: Morning departure from Elbasan to the Lake of Dushku (1300m from sea level), which is 10km far from Gramshi. The area around the lake is very nice, you can enjoy nature and we can prepare a picniq for lunch. After lunch, departure to Maliq (85km from Gramsh) and than to Selca. The urban settlement of Selca e Poshtme, a remain from the powerful city of Pelion, the start of Bronz period until the middle of the VI-th century after Christ, where the Monumental Tombs of Selca e Poshtme are located (IIId century B.C), original creations of the architecture of Ionic order with a rich inventory (weapons, Bronz and crockery, golden ornaments etc.) represent the attractions of this ancient city.
Afternoon departure to Korca. It takes 1.5 hour to get there and the road goes by the side of the Devoll River. Korca is situated at the foot of Morava Mountains. Dinner in Korca at Sidheri Restaurant, where you can enjoy the Albanian dishes as well as a typical place with nice sofas, a cute fireplace as well as local songs (serenata). Overnight in Korca.

Day 3: Departure from Korca to Pogradec in the morning. In Pogradec, the environment offers beautiful scenery; the lofty mountains of Kamja and Guri i Topit stand over the city like a crown. Lunch in a nice restaurant on the side road of the lake, where you can try the delicious fish, called Koran, which is very typical for Pogradec lake. Afternoon departure to Tirana.

Last Updated ( Monday, 27 March 2006 )
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