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hotelbutrintisaranda.jpgThe 2006 Miss Globe International will take place in the antique town of Butrint in southern Albanian on Oct. 1, with the crowning of a new beauty queen, local media reported on Saturday.

Some 40 girls from across the world will contest for the title. Miss Globe International, also known as Miss Globe, is a beauty pageant which is annually held in eastern Mediterranean region.

Much of the pageant's history and related information remain sketchy. No one can say for sure how many times the event has been held. And this has led to minimal publicity of the pageant, as well as the lack of interests by international pageant enthusiasts.

However, this is the third time that Albania is hosting the event on its soil. The last two were in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

Program  of Miss Globe International 2006

(14 September – 1 October 2006)

butrintialbania3.jpgThis year the 33 annual pageant of Miss Globe International World Final will take place in the old Amphitheatre of Butrinti (Saranda), 3500 years old and UNESCO heritage.

Butrinti is positioned on south Albania in front of Corfu Island (Greece) and on the Jonian Sea, the temperature is around 25-30 degrees C on the time of event.

All the participants will stay in the most beautiful hotel of Saranda City “Hotel Butrinti” 5 stars hotel. (http//www.butrintihotel.com)
For this year our program is rich with trips and visits to the beautiful places on the South Albania, tourist, historic and never seen  beaches.

The trip starts from the airport of Rinas (Mother Teresa), Tirana to Saranda City. During the trip the girls will have the possibility to see most of the cities in South Albania, such, Fieri, Vlora, Himara etc.

The program this year is organized in the way that girls must give it’s best in the stage all the trips are not longer that 30 km from Saranda.   

14-16.09.2006 . Arrival at Rinas airport  Mother Teresa , Tirana and trip with luxury cars by ford group at Butrinti (Saranda City) , 220 km away from Tirana. On the airport the contestants will be contacted and accompanied by the persons of staff and security for the Miss Globe International 2006.
-Photographic stage for the Miss Globe International 2006 Magazine.
-Relax on the hotel, visit on the city of Saranda , shopping.

 butrintialbania2.jpg17.09.2006 – Visit to Lekuresi Castle, the higher point of Saranda city, a wonderful view of city and Corfu Island.
-Lunch on the Castle.
-Visit in the City Hall of Saranda and with the Major of Saranda.
-Return to the Hotel.

18.09.2006 – Visit in the Finiqi ancient city, near Butrinti and presentation of Butrinti , visit to the stage of Butrinti.
-Return to Hotel

19,20,21.09.2006 – Trip with powerboat to the Corfu Island around 10 miles , visit on the City Hall of Corfu, meeting with the Major of Corfu.
-On these dates we need to stay in Corfu Island to appreciate the beautiful beaches of this Island and Museums such Achilles Museum etc.
-Visit on the Venetian  Castle of Corfu.
-Visit around of Island.

22.09.2006 – Show on the Venetian Castle of Corfu.

23.09.2006- Return to Saranda City by the sea , with powerboat.
-Knowledge  of  choreography  and  rehearses.
-Return to Hotel.

24.09.2006 – Visit on the Ali Pash Tepelena Castle situated in Porto Palermo , 15 km away from Saranda, beautiful place.
-Return to Saranda
- Choreography,  rehearses.

25.09.2006 – Visit on the old city of Gjirokastra, 30 km away from Saranda visit on the castle of Gjirokastra, a beautiful view of  city.
-Lunch on Gjirokastra
-Return to Saranda
-Choreography, rehearses.
butrintialbania1.jpg26,27,28,29.06.2006 – Visits on the tourist villages around Saranda such Bistrica and others.
Return to Saranda
-Choreography, rehearses on the stage (Butrint).

30.09.2006 – Rehearses on the stage(Butrint) , and relax on the beach.

31.09.2006 – General test of the final show  on the stage. ( with public present)

01.10.2006 – The Final Show ( direct TV broadcast and satellite broadcast )

02.10.2006 – Trip to Tirana
-Meeting with the Prime Minister.

– Departure from Tirana Airport Mother Teresa.

SOurce: www.missglobe-international.org

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 14 November 2006 )
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