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Recommended places to visit in Saranda

Butrint, the first place you should visit in Saranda. Among the most interesting archaeological ruins are:
  • the old amphitheatre
  • the temple of Aesculapius
  • the baptistery, with colorful mosaics and the ancient city walls.
  • An old fortress housing a small museum watches over the entire site, which is one of the last unspoilt natural and ancient historical areas remaining in Mediterranean.
Saranda Beach, Albania
Also don't forget to have a coffe at the Likursi castle on the top of a dominant hill over Saranda, only 2 km far from the town. It is another attractive, historical site, that was built up during XVI -XV centuries, by Sultan Suleimani in his campaign to conquer Corfu.
From the walls of the castle the tourist can catch by eye all city of Saranda and Corfu, the nice Greek Island.
Likursi Castle in Saranda, Albania
If you have more time you should go to the magical place of "Blue Eye" spring (in Albanian "Syri i Kalter"), only 18 km northeast of Saranda. At this beautiful spot, shaded by centuries old oak trees, a twelve headed dragon, according to the legend, jeausly guarded and held back the spring waters from the villagers. Consequently, pagan rituals were carried out by sacrificing young voluptuous maidens to the gods of the same waters.

Your stay in Saranda will be an even more enriching experience if you also visit the nearby traditional villages of Lukova, Piqerasi and Borshi where unique panoramic sea views, beautiful mountain and olive grove landscapes are combined with the charm of village environment and the most dramatic and magnificent scenery along the whole length of Ionian sea.
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