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Founded in the IV century B.C., i: was the chief town of Illyrian tribe of Labeats and later on during the reign of King Gent the chief centre of the Illyrian state. During the XIV century became the main centre of the princedom of Bushatllinj. In 1396 it was conquered by Venedik. During its long history the city has played a very important role in Albanian culture and history.

Today the city and the area around it is blessed with numerous and different natural and cultural objects. The city retains its characteristic appearance with narrow streets with tall stone walls on both sides and tall gates. The most attractive quarters with such peculiarities are Serresh and Gijadol, but the most important objects is the castle of Rozafa. The castle is located in the western part of the city, between Drini and Buna Rivers.
Rozafa Medieval Castel, Shkoder, Albania
The history of the castle starts since the Illyrian times. A very interesting legend explains its history. The main theme of the legend has to do with keeping of promise. Rozafa the bride of the youngest of three brothers, was walled up in order that the walls of the castle do not fall down by the night. The water passing through the stones at the main entrance are connected in the folk fantasy with the water going out from the bossom of Rozafa, which she left out during the time she was walled up in order to feed her little baby.

Shkodra ancient city, albania Another interesting historical site are the ruins of medieval town of Sarda, situated only 15 km far away from Shkodra. To go there you must take a motor-boat which sails from the dam of Vau i Dejes artificial lake to the island where Sarda is located (10 miles). This boat operates for tourists during the summer times, twice per week. Sarda was a mediaval town with a surface of 5 ha built on the top of the hill surrounded by the waters of Drini river (now artificial lake). It was the residential place of the famous Dukagjini Feudal Family. There was a great prince palace of this family.
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