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The city of Vlora dates back to the 4th century. In ancient times the city started as a port, and was known under the name of Aulona, famous for its olive groves and vineyards. After the fall of Apollonia and Orichum, it became the principal port of Illyria. In the fifth century Aulona was the centre of diocese. The emigrations of barbarians damaged it badly and brought the withdrawal of the city deeper in land.

During the Middle Ages the city was fused into one with the fortress of Kanina, which is situated a few kilometres to the south east.
In 272 Vlora was incorporated into the kingdom of Arberia. In the fourteenth century, Byzantine armies visited it again, the Serbs as well as the feudal lords of the Balshas from north Albania.
Zverneci, Vlore Albania
At the fourteenth century, Vlora became an important trading and handicraft centre noted apart from wines and salt, for its swords, its ships and its silk.

The Turks invasion took place in 1417. In 1531 Sultan Sulejmani built a fortress, which is believed to have been designed by the architect Sinani.

By the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Vlora had again become an important economic centre and port it was taken by Ali Pasha Tepelena in 1812.

Vlora port, Albania The city is of great importance for modern Albanian history because it was here in 1912 that the Assembly first proclaimed the independence of Albania from five centuries of Ottoman occupation. Commemorating this historical event is the "Monument of Independence" rising at the "Flag Square". At this time Vlora became the capital of the country. The government, headed by Ismail Qemali, remained there until January, l914

Vlora was occupied by the Italian troops in 1914 during the first World War, but they were driven from the main land in 1920, by a volunteer army. Reoccupied by Italians in 1939, and by the Germans in 1943. Vlora was liberated in October l5, l944.

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