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Dajti Ekspres cablecar Print E-mail
Where the earth meets the sky

Dajti express cablecar, tiranaDajti Ekspres is one of the most successful investments of Mr. Muhamet Malo who in collaboration with the most prestigious company in the world Dopplemmayer and ISPP realized this ambitious project.

The panoramic jurney offers the possibility to enjoy nature and its marvel. The starting point (station) is near the place known as Instituti i Fizikes Berthamore and the final station is the Dajti balcony which has an altitude 1230m above the sea level.

The visitors afflux faced by the rope way is 360 traveler per hour. There are 21 cabins with 8 seats each at their disposal during 12 hours per day. The distance 4.3 km (aerial line) can be traversed in 13 minutes and the movement speed ranges from 4-7m/sec.

Sense & Demand
The sense of the mentioned project bases onself in the direct, speedy, fanny and comfortable transportation trying to reach the freshness of the Dajti Natural Park Mountain.

For the majority of Albanians the travel via the rope way is a totally new experience.
Besides this, the Dajti Mountain is seen and visited annually by 200.000 visitors coming from various regions of Albania or even from abroad. It will be quite impossible to resist to the temptation to travel by rope way for the first time in their life.

The Staff Collaborators
Owner & Administrator Me. Muhamet Malo
Supervisor Eng. Agim Rama
Collaborators Eng. Arben Peto, Qemal Disha, Eng. Kristo Pano, Eng Gjergji Kuke

Trend & the Future

The regular visitors will find in the Dajti Mountain the proper place for fun & relax. We strongly believe that with possibilities offered by Dajti Ekspres  the number of visitors will be increased and multiplied. Preferences will be satisfied by the investments boom in the field of tourism because
  • The alternative offers is very attractive
  • This kind of jurney will turn in a fashion mode (style).
Because we offer what you need!

Last Updated ( Saturday, 28 February 2009 )
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